Places are now open for my next online graphic novel group mentoring programme.

COST: £385

We will meet for 9 group sessions, once a month spread over the year (with 3 breaks for holidays.) The next group starts Sept 2024. Group sizes are limited to only 5 participants as I have found from experience that, that  group size gives everyone the most  support.
Each participant will also benefit from a 45 mins 1:1 with me during the course.

Group mentoring gives you the opportunity to plan, discuss, review all aspects of your graphic novel as your novel/ zine grows. There is an online Padlet for participants to post updates of their work in progress and once a month I read your posts (plot, script, character designs or comic pages etc), and then feedback at our monthly sessions. Participants benefit from advice and support from each other as well from the rest of the group. Not only will this course help you shape your graphic novel but it will provide you with a community of likeminded artists happy to support you.

A core philosophy of the course is helping you stay on track. To that end we have regular milestones every 3 months where everyone checks in to see if we are meeting our targets.
There is a Padlet with useful graphic novel worksheets/ resources so you will feel supported every step of the way.
Each meeting is recorded so no worries about missing out on any valuable tips.

A student who attended my GNYL course in 2022, and completed my group mentoring course now has an agent and she is in the procerss of approaching publishers. Other ex-students I’ve mentored have been nominated for the Clairburn comic Prize, short listed for the Jonathan Cape Graphic Novel competition as well as the LDComics Graphic novel competition.


Get in touch with me if that sounds good to you: 


If you need help working on a graphic novel or children’s book
(be it troubleshooting- narrative, ideas or visuals), I am available for mentoring (£65 per hour. )
We will have a pre meeting email exchange chat to pinpoint your needs and during mentoring sessions develop a support and individual action plan so your creative project can flourish and be the wonderful thing it’s meant to be.
Most students get the most out of between 2 to 4 sessions.

Email me at: to chat about your needs.

You can also book 4 sessions at a discounted rate through the LDComics website:


Mentees feedback:

“I found it really useful. I was floundering around, playing about with ideas but with absolutely no idea of how to go about even ordering my thoughts let alone planning and structuring a piece of work, so it was great that you were able to hone in so many different aspects and give me pointers on how I might proceed. ”

‘Rachael listened to my ideas, my blocks and then helped break open my perceptions of what this piece of work might become. She saw the potential, brainstormed and also gave me some concrete ideas of how to go about taking the work into a new draft, a more dynamic draft. Still lots of work to do, but I am looking forward to my next session with Rachael - her mentoring skills are as special as her artistic skills.’